8″ Used Sketella Dunny


Please read through this in full before taking any action. Thank you.

The figure comes signed, features a 2.25oz Custom Mini bottle of Nutella, a 8” x 8” Picnic Plaid Placemat and 5” x .5″ Custom Spreading Knife with Resin.

Sket One return policy:
If for any reason any part of the custom arrives damaged, please contact me within 3 days of the delivery date for repairs and or returns.

Postponing the contact will waive the right of the return and repair and then you will be responsible to go through the proper channels of the post office for reimbursement.

I can’t express how much it is appreciated for the support of my art and endeavors.
Thank you all and hope you all have a great week.

Sket One


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